Jan 28, 2012

Do u know, what is preloved?


Ok, before introducing our new product line.. Do you ever know what is preloved item??

By Longman Dictionary, pre-loved: pre-loved house, pet etc has already been owned by someone else.

For example,
“Now, I’ve prolly not purchased any new clothes in at least 2 months, but the point for me is much more the crafting and sharing of preloved items.”

As a simple definition, preloved might means something that we use again after have been used by someone else, or for other purpose. Its recycle!

Nurruls introducing you, preloved collection. But, it is not the owner's preloved item!! It might be someone else out there :D 

We will update soon, about our preloved collection! Under the collection of Nurruls PreetyBundle.


  1. I know what is great with prelove..it is no bundle..it is great but still,affordable..

    AWAS sesuatu yang ohsem menanti anda

  2. kunjungan gan,bagi - bagi motivasi
    Hal mudah akan terasa sulit jika yg pertama diipikirkan adalah kata SULIT. Yakinlah bahwa kita memiliki kemampuan dan kekuatan.
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :)