Jul 17, 2012

Preloved :)


Hari ini kami nak perkenal kan prelove collection yg sememang berkualiti and murah.. Sebenarnya, dah lama almost 1 year dah prelove collection ni beroperasi.. But only today we would like to officially introduce to you :D


Check our collection here

Lots of collection to go :D 

Jan 28, 2012

Do u know, what is preloved?


Ok, before introducing our new product line.. Do you ever know what is preloved item??

By Longman Dictionary, pre-loved: pre-loved house, pet etc has already been owned by someone else.

For example,
“Now, I’ve prolly not purchased any new clothes in at least 2 months, but the point for me is much more the crafting and sharing of preloved items.”

As a simple definition, preloved might means something that we use again after have been used by someone else, or for other purpose. Its recycle!

Nurruls introducing you, preloved collection. But, it is not the owner's preloved item!! It might be someone else out there :D 

We will update soon, about our preloved collection! Under the collection of Nurruls PreetyBundle.

Apologies :(


"Being silence for about 6month without any updates."

Masa berlalu, dari pemulaan aktif nya site ni, around May 2011, melepasi Jun & Julai... Menyusuri Ramadhan dan Syawal.. September bermula la semester yg sangat hectic. Maka melewati pula bulan2 terakhir 2011 dan kini hampir melewati bulan pertama 2012...

Sebagai seorang pelajar yg menjalankan perniagaan agak mencabar.. Berfikir, mcm mane nk bahagi kn masa, supaya cemerlang di pentas akademik dan memuaskan hati pelanggan :)

Its a hard task!! To make two things in a single time.. Im trying hard to make my customer updates, but, i should keep my mind on assign & test! 

Please forgive me,  
Have a nice day!

Sep 16, 2011

Winners of 'Season 3 : Help me! I need a makeover Contest'


As everybody knows, Nurruls is one of the main sponsor for Help me! I need a makeover Contest' 

And here are the top 3 winners of this third season.

1st Place: Ema Arie OneBucks 

2nd Place: Nurul Nasyuha Hussin 

3rd Place: Qamilla Hilmi

Congrats girls =)