Asslammualaikum wbt..


  1. Allow for serious buyer only.

2. Reservation can be made up to 3 days only.. After 3 days, if no payment have been made, the reservation will be cancelled

3. The item will be shipped on Monday, Wednesday & Friday before 3 p.m.

4. We are using POS LAJU service.

4. For any inquiries, call or text 013.237.4818

Note: Free Delivery over Seremban area :)


 1. Price include postage fees.

2. If you want to reserve, text or call 013.237.4818

3. To order, fill the order form on top of our blog. We will confirm your order within 24hours.

4. The account number will be given once the order confirmed (Maybank or Cimb)

5. The item will only be shipped after payment has been made :) We won't eat you.

6.  You will receive POSLAJU tracking number for your parcel(s). You can check your delivery status on  POSLAJU website.

  • Memerlukan tandatangan penerima sewaktu bungkusan diterima.
  • Sila pastikan ada pihak yang boleh menerima bungkusan bagi pihak anda sekiranya anda tiada dirumah / pejabat
  • Jika tidak, anda perlu mengambilnya sendiri di pejabat pos berdekatan.
5. Produk akan diterima oleh pelanggan dalam masa kurang dari 3hari. (tidak termasuk cuti umum)

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