Jul 25, 2011

"Help me I need a MAKEOVER Competition SEASON 3!"


Anybody who like to join contest can try this! Disamping dapat make over, you all will be rewarded with LCD TV! woww..!!
How to join? You only have to join Aleeya's Touch FB page. Click HERE!

Submit your photo starting 28th July! Pls read terms n condition at http://aleeyazailan.blogspot.com/

The main prize:

Just to highlight, Nurruls.blogspot (Nurruls Scarf Blouse & Maxi) is one of the wardrobe sponsor :)
So, lets Like our FB Page also!

Sedikit review, this is the third season of this contest...

1st Season

2nd Season

Siapa tahu, korang ade lah juara 3rd season! :)

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